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From the backseat of a station wagon, I was raised in a world in which my parents took great joy immersing me in a musical curriculum. Listening to "oldies" on the radio, attending concerts, and singing along with local bands continue to hold a spot on the list of 'My Life's Passions'.


During the last ten years I embarked on a mission to change my life's course, leading me to further my education in Art Therapy.  Embracing this new adventure, and being educated in new artistic techniques, the union of two passions began to evolve. Using a modified version of glue printing, I developed a method transforming music into visual pieces of art. 


From my various roots, and fusing together art and music came a new endeavor. Following a long sleepless night in January 2015, and by embracing the support of my husband, trumpet playing daughter, and dog- The Hound's Trumpet was born.

It is an absolute privilege to make Art for you.  What began as a dear friend requesting a musical arrangement for their relative, bloomed into something I sometimes find it hard to even fathom.  I do know this, I am beyond thankful, understanding that the art I create is hanging in homes I have never even seen, of people I have never met.  Thank you to all my followers, my customers, family & friends who help make this journey real.  





JOHN, the "resource"...

Captioned the name "The Hound's Trumpet", creator of the art shop, craft booth set up/break down, and continually turns concepts & ideas into practical approaches.  In his spare time he enjoys getting his truck dirty, fixing it, camping, and drinking coffee.

JORDAN, the "sales rep"....

Services our craft fairs to find new sales leads,  voices her beliefs and opinions on all prints, and allows her "trumpet" playing talent to be shared for labeling purposes.  In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, taking selfies, and playing tennis.

WILSON, the "head of advertising"...

Fulfills an essential role in advertising, and serves as a liaison between the customer and the creative department.  In his spare time he enjoys eating, barking, and building a better relationship with our cats.

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